Five friends, who for some time have been taken an interest in the fate of isolated indigenous communities and let their problems be known, through exhibitions, publications, short films and the website. In January 2011 they visited Juina, in Mato Grosso, Brazil. Those present were, Maria Grazia Avataneo, Aldo Pedretti, Giorgio Beccari, Odina Grosso and Jozef Houben. Also there was Orlando Possuelo ( the son of the “ sertanista” Sidney Possuelo, who has spent his life fighting for the cause of the indigenous people of the Amazon), together with a group of Enawene-Nawe. The entire group travelled by lorry for 70 kilometres to the river Juruena. They then went by boat for a further 170 kilometres down this river before reaching the village.
For about 15 days they took part in the daily life of the Enawene-Nawe, observing their way of life, visiting their “maloche” (houses) and listening to their stories, in spite of the distrust that the natives have of the white people who normally only approach them to take over their territory.